Watch Purchase: SBBN017

I added a SBBN017 to my collection recently. I normally buy automatic watches but the Seiko Tuna Cans are very hard to resist. One thing about quartz watches is that they are very convenient to use. Unlike automatic watches, I don’t have to set the time on quartz watches when I want to wear them.

I don’t have much to add about the SBBN017 as I have previously posted two blog entries on the SBBN015, a variant of the SBBN017 (see links below).

SBBN015 review:

Comparison of SBBN015 and SBDC011 (Fieldmaster):

Here are two more pictures for your view pleasure.

Larger pictures:

43 thoughts on “Watch Purchase: SBBN017

  1. Yeah, i can relate. I am a long time seiko fan but not to excited about quartz pieces,but like you say the tuna’s are hard to not like. Enjoy!

    ps; earlier i believe you said k2 does repair? i have a few vintage seikos who need attention. Do you know the best way to contact them? Thanks!


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  3. WoW! Holy Tuna, Thomas!

    That’s a nice can of tuna! LOL!

    I like the bare metal look bezel and well, just about everything about the watch! The distressed leather strap gives it a very retro look that I like! Great catch!

    The Tuna that didn’t get away! ;-P Congratulations!

    Best regards!



  4. I also have a natural preference for mechanical movements but Seiko quartz on a Marine Master gets the thumbs up for me too! Love that combination with a leather nato. This baby will also look good on a shark mesh bracelet.



  5. This is a real nice piece. At present, I just can’t get over the fact that it uses quartz movement. Do you know if Seiko will release a mechanical version? I already saw the Emperor Tuna but I much prefer this color scheme. Thank you.


  6. Hi Thomas,
    I would like to know if it is inherent for the bezel triangle of SBBN 015&017 to be off center and not in line at 12 o’clock. Do you see this in both your watches. Pls advise.


  7. hi, your article was one of the reasons I bought a SBBN017. It was one of my better hasty decisions!

    About the leather strap you bought from K2, it doesn’t have any stitchings. Inspired by what you had, I bought one that is something like that, but after using it for a couple of months, the leather strap just got longer and longer, probably because it lacked stitching on the sides to keep the length fixed.

    Did you experience this too?


  8. I have always bought Seiko watches. I won’t by any other watch brand. Excellent quality and they last a long time


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