Orient Star Catalog from 2003

I managed to dig out an Orient Star catalog that was kept somewhere in the house for years. From the back of the catalog, I can see that it was printed in November 2003. This catalog shows the Orient Star Royal and Orient Star models.

I believe Orient Star Royal was renamed as Royal Orient in latter years.

In the picture below, you can see “2003.11” printed on the bottom right corner indicating that the catalog was printed in Novemner 2003. It was probably a 2004 catalog as well.

I also notice that the website printed was “http://www.orient-watch.com” instead of “http://www.orient-watch.jp”. Since this was a JDM catalog, why did they use the English language international site instead of the “.jp” Japanese site?

One possible explanation is, the “.com” site had a link to the Japanese site displayed prominently at one corner.

Here are the watches shown on the catalog.

Orient Star Royal:

Orient Star models:

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