Orient WZ0031DD – Subaru 360 55th Anniversary


This time round I had the opportunity to handle the Orient Star WZ0031DD. This watch is a collaboration between Orient and Subaru for the 55th Anniversary of the Subaru 360, a two-door car that was marketed in 1958.

Below is a picture of the 1958 Subaru 360.
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Watch Purchase: Orient Star DV02002B


Here is a standard date Orient Star that I picked up recently. The model number is DV02002B or WZ0051DV in Japan. The sapphire crystal is treated with Orient’s SAR (super anti-reflective) coating which makes the dial very clear and easy to read. I have done a review of this watch previously but having worn the watch for several days, I know it better now and would like to share a few shots that show the beauty of this watch.

Note that the watch comes with a metal but I have put it on a leather strap to suit my preference.
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Orient Star Handwind – WZ0011DD

Managed to get hold of the Orient Star handwind model, WZ0011DD and took some real life pictures. This is a classic style watch that is designed for those who like simple looking watches. The case, dial and hands are very nicely finished as you would expect of an Orient Star watch. The watch comes with power reserve indicator which I feel very useful. It tells you when you need to wind the watch and when you can stop winding.

Below are pictures showing the watch from various angles.
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Pictorial Review: Orient Star WZ0031JC

Another Orient Star that I handled recently is the WZ0031JC. This is a Japan domestic model that is made available at Big Time (Sims Ave). This watch comes with an inner rotating world time bezel as well as Orient’s trademark power reserve feature.

Before going to the pictures, here is the crown operation as observed by me.

When you pull the crown to its first click position, you can set the date by turning it towards you (anti-clockwise). You can also set the inner world time bezel by turning it in the opposite direction (clockwise). Crown at the second click position lets you set the time. Note that as you set the time, the inner world time bezel will rotate accordingly. Crown at pushed in position allows you to handwind the watch.

Here are some pictures that show the salient features of the watch.
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Watch Purchase: Orient Star Standard Date – WZ0021DV

Here’s an Orient Star that I picked up recently. I had the opportunity to see and consider a wide range of Orient Stars at Big Time and this is the one that I picked up eventually. The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet but I’m wearing it on a leather strap.
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Watches I Saw – Orient Star Handwind

Saw the Orient Star handwind models at Big Time recently. There aren’t many handwind watches from Japanese watch companies but fortunately Orient makes a number of them to satisfy fans of such watches. Besides this model, the other Orient handwind watches I can think of are:

– 60th Anniversary model
– Classic Skeleton
– Subaru 360 classic
– pocketwatch
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Watches I Saw – Seiko Presage and Orient Star

Here are some JDM Seiko and Orient watches I saw at Big Time on 15th Feb 2014 (Saturday). Shown above is the Seiko Presage SARW011. Those who missed the 100th years of watchmaking limited edition SARW005 may want to consider this piece. It is powered by the 6R27 movement.
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SOMES X Orient Star Semi-skeleton – DK02002F

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the international edition Orient Star SOMES (DK02002F). There are three colour variants of this model available in the Japanese market but only two were made available in the international market. The other variant besides the green one shown above would be the black dialled (DK02001B)
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