Watch Purchase: Orient Star DV02002B


Here is a standard date Orient Star that I picked up recently. The model number is DV02002B or WZ0051DV in Japan. The sapphire crystal is treated with Orient’s SAR (super anti-reflective) coating which makes the dial very clear and easy to read. I have done a review of this watch previously but having worn the watch for several days, I know it better now and would like to share a few shots that show the beauty of this watch.

Note that the watch comes with a metal but I have put it on a leather strap to suit my preference.











Here is my previous post on the DV02002B:

7 thoughts on “Watch Purchase: Orient Star DV02002B

  1. Good choice on changing to leather one. First thought came to my mind when viewing your pictures above is Grand Seiko. Nice! Do you mind sharing your thought after wearing after wearing it for a few days now.


    • The main thing I like about this watch is that it has a standard case shape of a dress watch in 41mm diameter. It has a lot of wrist presence. I also like the lack of minute chapter ring, giving the watch a big dial.

      The watch is legible due to two reasons:
      – the SAR coating
      – the hands and hour markers reflect light very well

      However, the carbon fibre texture tend to be distracting when you look at it in certain angles. Would like it more if it had a regular black dial.


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