Orient Star Standard Date Model – DV02002B

This week, I had the opportunity to handle a new standard date Orient Star model. This is the first Orient Star model that features the SAR coating (Super Anti-reflective Coating), a technology that reduces light reflection by 99% according to Orient’s website. Two other types of coatings were applied to crystal to achieve greater scratch and stain resistant.

Here is a quick introduction of the SAR coating.

From the above, you can see that SAR coating provides excellent visibility and protection to the watch.

This model was made with a 40mm diameter to maximize its visibility. It is therefore bigger than most Orient Star models except the sporty ones. Here are some other salient features:

Textured dial.

Simple case design with no unnecessary elements.

Display back.

Good quality bracelet and clasp.

Flat Sapphire crystal.

Diameter: 40mm excluding crown
Thickness: 11.6mm
Lug width: 22mm

Overall, I think this watch is suitable for use as a daily dress watch. I particularly like the crystal clear look of the dial due to its SAR coating. This is a new feature for Orient Star watches besides the hack and hand wind which were added some time back.

Orient DV02002B featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

10 thoughts on “Orient Star Standard Date Model – DV02002B

  1. Hi this orient looks great! i was contemplating on a seiko sarb, but this is going make things more difficult. how much are these selling for and do you think i am able to get this or the seiko sarbs in K2?

    Best regards,


    • I bought a Seiko Sarb0033 about two months ago, nice looking watch, but if you have a wrist more then 7″, it isn’t for you. I have 7-1/2″ wrists (not really super large for the average american) and I could hardly get the clasp to close on it. I looked like I was wearing some little kid’s watch.

      The Sarb is listed as having a 38mm case width, but it wears a lot smaller. I have a Tissot PRC200 auto that is 39mm and it wears a lot larger.

      The Sarb was returned.


        • I will definately buy this Orient, I already own Black Ray and it is well made. I love the looks of this watch, especially the textured dial, and the SAR coating, which in all probabilty is the same type of application Citizen uses on their Signature models. The only downside to this Orient is the WR, 50m is a little iffy, for someone who is in the pool all summer.

          It’s a shame Seiko didn’t make a Sarb is 40mm and above, it was really a classy looking watch.


          • This Orient Star is very tempting indeed. I have the white dial version on my list and hope that one day I can get it. The biggest SARB model is probably the SARB065 (cocktail time).


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