Watches I Saw – Seiko Presage and Orient Star

Here are some JDM Seiko and Orient watches I saw at Big Time on 15th Feb 2014 (Saturday). Shown above is the Seiko Presage SARW011. Those who missed the 100th years of watchmaking limited edition SARW005 may want to consider this piece. It is powered by the 6R27 movement.

Below is the SARX019. Again, if you missed the SARX011, this piece is a good alternative.

Caseback picture. (Left SARX019, right SARW011)

Here are the Orient Star models.

First, the recently released OS world time, WZ0021JC.

Orient Star Standard – WZ0301EL.

Orient Star Classic – WZ0271EL. At long last, this model is finally available in Singapore.

9 thoughts on “Watches I Saw – Seiko Presage and Orient Star

  1. Love the look on the Seiko Presage. Does both of them have enamel dial?
    Overall among the two Seiko, which one would your preference be?
    I’m finding it pretty difficult to choose, guess the difference on the movement would probably be the power reserve indicator added. Correct me if im wrong.
    Hmmmm.. 20k+ yen difference in retail pricing.


  2. Just got the SARW011 from Big Time. It’s a beauty! The hand made enamel dial is just exquisite, and the 28800 bph 6R27 movement is very nice and smooth to wind and adjust. It’s an amazing price for an amazing piece, complete with date and power complications from an in house movement. If it’s a branded Swiss model, it’ll be easily a few times it’s price.

    Hope Seiko continue to deliver such beautiful watches for people who can look beyond the Swiss branding.

    I’m eyeing the Artisans series – they appeal to me as there is a Master artisan who actually made part of the watch to make it distinct and special.


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