Watches I Saw – Orient Stars at Big Time

The new Orient Star Somes Semi Skeleton is now an international model and made available in Singapore via the distributor, Big Time. Shown above is the black dialed DK02001B and below is the green dialed DK02002F.
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Orient Star Vintage Skeleton – WZ0021DX

This time round I had the opportunity to handle the Orient Star Vintage Skeleton model WZ0021DX. This model is powered by the 48E51 handwind movement which is made in Japan. It is limited to 500 pieces, available in Japan as well as other parts of the world through international distributors.
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Watch Purchase: Orient Star Classic Automatic – WZ0271EL

I like the Orient Star Classic Automatic and have gotten the EL05004W from the local distributor, Big Time. This particular piece however is not available at Big Time because it is only available in the Japanese market.

A friend of mine got it from Japan for me recently and here are some pictures to share with you.
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Watch Purchase: NOS Orient Star WZ0081FD

I acquired two discontinued Orient Star models from the mid 2000s recently. The first one which I’m going to feature in this post is the classic looking WZ0081FD. This piece was discovered unexpectedly at Big Time’s showroom right in the display shelf where they display the current Orient Star models.
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Orient Star Standard Date Model – DV02002B

This week, I had the opportunity to handle a new standard date Orient Star model. This is the first Orient Star model that features the SAR coating (Super Anti-reflective Coating), a technology that reduces light reflection by 99% according to Orient’s website. Two other types of coatings were applied to crystal to achieve greater scratch and stain resistant.

Here is a quick introduction of the SAR coating.
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Orient Star Skeleton – DX00001W

I had the opportunity to handle this Orient Star Skeleton recently. This is another Orient Star that is made available to the international market after the GMT, Retrograde and Open Heart models. This watch is fitted with a hand wind movement and has a power reserve indicator at the 12 o’clock position. The second hand is located on a sub-dial above the 6 o’clock marker.

Here’s are some photos:
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A few pictures of Orient Star WZ0251EL

Just a quick photo review of an Orient Star classic WZ0251EL. This model looks very much like the Orient 60th Anniversary handwind model except it comes with an automatic movement with hack and handwind functions.

Here are the pictures.
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Orient Star Catalog from 2003

I managed to dig out an Orient Star catalog that was kept somewhere in the house for years. From the back of the catalog, I can see that it was printed in November 2003. This catalog shows the Orient Star Royal and Orient Star models.

I believe Orient Star Royal was renamed as Royal Orient in latter years.
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