Watch Purchase: Orient Star Classic Automatic – WZ0271EL

I like the Orient Star Classic Automatic and have gotten the EL05004W from the local distributor, Big Time. This particular piece however is not available at Big Time because it is only available in the Japanese market.

A friend of mine got it from Japan for me recently and here are some pictures to share with you.

Here is the WZ0271EL next to my EL05004W. EL05004W is the international version of the WZ0251EL.

Difference between the JDM and the international model is mainly the rotor design and the engravings on the caseback.

Both models come with the same OS buckle.

18 thoughts on “Watch Purchase: Orient Star Classic Automatic – WZ0271EL

  1. That is an awesome looking watch. Do you know where can I find the Orient Star 55th Anniversary WZ0021EH? I have been looking for it for quite some time. Really love the size and dial design.


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  4. beautiful watch.
    my wife want tissot desire i have, and a husband never refuse such thing (actually i’m happy she’s into watch).
    that been said, i need some classic watch to replace (of course, lol).
    i think i’m gonna get the international version, it’s much cheaper.
    do you notice if there is any difference in quality between the JDM and international version?
    thank you.


  5. I recently bought what I think is the same watch, on it is EL05005S. Am I right? I don’t know who to talk to make sure its authentic. What are the chances it isn’t real or would anyone even make fakes of this watch. Mine looks quite legit however comparisons of the movement on the back show slight variation from what is in pics. I want to be sure its ok and I would like to confirm I have pics.


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