Orient 2014 Calendar

In this first post of the year, I would like to share with you the watches featured in the Orient 2014 calendar. Clearly, these are not their up and coming watches for 2014 but watches that were released in 2013 or earlier.

I’m proud to say that most of these watches have been featured on this blog. Let’s take a look.

January – Orient Star Classic EL05001S

I own the stainless steel model, EL05004W as well as the JDM model, WZ0271EL.


February – Ladies Quartz Chronograph TW02003S

March – Orient Curator FD0J001T

Featured here on this blog:

April – Orient Stylish and Smart “Tri-colour” ER0200FD

I have featured another variant here:

May – Orient Bambino ER24003W

This model was released in 2012. Stainless steel model featured here:

June – Orient M-Force Titanium DV01002B

This watch is featured in the post below:

July – Orient Men’s Quartz Chronograph TV01002W

August – Orient Ladies Quartz QC0M003W

September – Orient Star GMT DJ00002W

This model was released in 2011. Black dial version featured here:

October – Orient 300m Saturation Diver EL02003H

White dial model shown here:

November – Orient Ladies Fashionable Automatic DB0A001T

December – Orient Men’s Classic Automatic EZ09002S

Black dial model featured here:

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