Pictorial Review: Orient Classic Automatic – EZ09003B

For those who like elegant looking watches with sub-dials, Seiko has the SARC/SARW models and Orient has the Orient Star Retrograde models. For something more affordable, there are a number of Orient Classic Automatic models to consider and here is a recent model. It comes with power reserve, date and second hand sub-dials, and is fitted with Sapphire crystal. This model also appears on the Orient 2014 calendar (December page).

Here’s a quick photo review.

Diameter: 41mm excluding crown
Lug width: 20mm
Thickness: 11.35mm
Water Resistance: 50m

Orient EZ09003B featured in this post is provided by

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

18 thoughts on “Pictorial Review: Orient Classic Automatic – EZ09003B

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  2. Another great review from this wonderful site. Is there any perlage on the main plate or cote de geneva on the rotor? From the pic there is none, but other color variants seem to have decorated movements. Just wondering if the movements are all the same in each variant. Or is it just a reflection issue of the pic? Since the finish on a mid-range orient is real shallow and light. Thanks.


    • I took a look at the caseback again and found that the surface texture on the movement was not captured in the picture above. Here’s a quick cellphone shot that shows what it is supposed to look like. Thanks.


      • Thanks for the quick reply. Very informative. I’m thinking of buying one of them, but can’t decide between EZ09002S and EZ09001B. I prefer a rose gold case (especially with a black dial) to a regular gold case. However the strong sunburst effect on the silver dial of EZ09002S looks really nice. Is there any sunburst effect on the black dial of EZ09003B? I suppose the black dial on EZ09003B is the same with the one on EZ09001B, except for the gold markers. Thanks.


        • The EZ09003B has sunburst dial but it’s hardly noticeable. Here’s a cellphone pic that captures it.

          I think the sunburst effect on the EZ09002S is more obvious. Here’s a picture from a previous post.


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  6. Hi, can someone help me out with one detail? Ideally, someone that has this watch and can measure it. Im interested in strap size, cause on some sites it states it is 20mm on some 21mm and on some 22mm. So if someone can measure strap I would be really thankful.


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