Pictorial Review of an Orient Classic – ER24005W

Orient released a classic style automatic watch in the international market recently. Being a fan of these watches, I had to get one to add to my small collection of classic style watches.

The Orient ER24005W is powered by an automatic movement that does not hack nor handwind. The classic design of the watch reminds of the Orient 60th Anniversary commemorative watch as shown below.

Here’s a pictorial review of the ER24005W.

Dial: Classic style ball shaped minimalist design with pointy hour markers and sword hands.

Side Profile: Although the watch has a thickness of approximately 11.5mm, the slim side profile of the case makes it look thinner and sits low on the wrist.

Crystal: Crystal with “leg”.

Caseback: Screw in beveled caseback with Orient logo.

Strap: Leather strap with signed buckle.

Diameter: 40.5mm excluding crown
Lug width: 21mm
Thickness: 11.5mm

Other colour variants can be found in this post:


For those in Singapore, you may obtain this model from the distributor, Big Time. ER24005W is out of stock at the moment while the other colour variants are available. To indicate your interest in the ER24005W, please go to Big Time’s facebook page and “like” the page and picture.


31 thoughts on “Pictorial Review of an Orient Classic – ER24005W

  1. Nice post! I just got the rose gold version of this watch with a pearl face and brown leather. It looks incredibly classic, like the dress watches of old. I couldn’t resist getting one myself.


  2. Classic elegance. Reminds me so much of vintage Omega Seamasters and Constellations. Those dauphine hands and beautiful markers really stand out, especially in the gold variant. We are really revisiting and going back to smaller and slimmer cases. I can’t wait to get my hands on the black dial/gold hands version.

    Thanks for sharing Thomas.


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  11. Now I’m not sure… Is the bezel on the stainless steel with white dial polished? They don’t look polished in
    your photos but the bezels of all the variants in your group shot look polished. Thanks!


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