My Collection of Classic Style Watches from Seiko and Orient

In this last post of 2012, I would like to share with you my collection of classic style watches from Seiko and Orient.

Shown above is a classic style Grand Seiko GMT (SBGM003) that was purchased in 2005 IIRC. It is the watch that started this collection.

Next, I have the Orient Star classic EL05004W. The model number of this watch is WZ0251EL in Japan. Mine is the international version with model number EL05004W. This watch was purchased in 2012.

The main difference between the two models is the rotor. Compare the rotor in the picture below with the one shown in this WZ0251EL post.

Orient celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2010 and released a pair of classic style handwind watches to commemorate the occasion. Here is my DT00002W.

Here’s the Orient Star classic and the 60th Anniversary commemorative watch.

This Seiko mechanical model nicknamed “the little Grand Seiko” is one of my favorite. I have three of these – SARB031, SARB027 and SARB043. This model is very sought after by Seiko collectors.

Here’s the off white SARB031 purchased in 2007.

The silver SARB027 purchased in 2009.

The Roman dialed SARB043 purchased in 2008.

The next watch is a 2012 release from Orient known as Bambino. I have two of these and the ER24002W happens to be the first rose gold watch in this collection.

Here’s my pair of Orient Bambinos ER24005W(left) and ER24002W(right).

In June 2013, I acquired this classic looking Orient Star WZ0081FD in NOS condition. I believe this watch was released in the mid 2000s.

A new variant of Orient Bambino came out in October 2013. I bought the ER2400BW.

Acquired the Orient Star WZ0271EL in November 2013. This is a Japan Domestic Model. Here it is next to the EL05004W. WZ0271EL is on the left.

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33 thoughts on “My Collection of Classic Style Watches from Seiko and Orient

  1. Congratulations Thomas.
    You have a beautiful collection. I especially like the Grand Seiko GMT. That blue GMT hand and the cream dial lend character to the watch and gives it an almost regal disposition. TC


  2. Sweet watches,
    I’ve been looking at dressier watches and the SARB’s would be my second choice… After some GS’s… 😉
    The Orient are nice too, but for a dressy one I think I prefer a cleaner dial
    Great classics you got there.

    And since its this time of year,

    My best wishes of health, prosperity and peace.


  3. Hi Yeoman,

    For the Orient, is the japan version more expensive than international version?
    Any differnce between the two besides the rotor?

    I noticed the back of both seems to have EL05 on them and not the W’ model.
    I’m looking to get the one with the blue hands.
    How would i be certain that the one am getting is Intl or Japan version?
    Hope you can help.


    • The main difference is the rotor. The engravings on the caseback are the same except for “M9” on the Japan version and “N8” on the international version. I don’t know what these codes represent. The international version is also made in Japan so it depends on which rotor you prefer and the price difference which I’m not sure of. Probably very little difference.

      “EL05” on the caseback refers to the movement code and case number.

      If you purchase from the Japanese sites, you probably get the Japan version. If you get it from international dealers, then it is likely to be the international version. Ask the seller about the rotor and check the model number of the watch. International version starts with “EL” while Japan version starts with “WZ”.


      • Thanks yeoman,
        I noticed the classic ones are now available in the international market website.
        Was at my local watch shop this afternoon and noticed that both open heart and classic orient star have the same retail price. Japan website seem to have both of them quite war apart in terms of price. Weird. 🙂 Wonder if the JDM are a factor in the price


        • To me the JDM and international versions of this watch are the same. I wouldn’t pay more to get the JDM version. The retail shop you went to probably have the price tags mixed up.


          • The open heart intl version has the same retail price as JDM classic, which i believe doesn’t look right.
            Will need to check with them again, as i’ve place an order for the classic one.
            Definately taking intl version is there’s price difference.

            Thanks Yeoman


  4. Hi,

    Just got myself the WZ0241EL. Checked the back, the rotor is with the black curve orient. Should be the JDM model.
    However the engraving of mine shows “N4”. It shows EL05-C0-B CS. So im kinda confuse whether it’s JDM or Intl
    How will i know whether this is the 40N51 or 40N52 movement?


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  6. Hi Thomas,
    I love your classic collection. I also like cream dial watches like you. The best cream dial for me is the GS GMT SBGM 003. Are there any model that is close to this dial, like the Seiko SARB 035 (still in production) or SARB 031, or other Orient watches, as you’ve handled or owned them? Thanks. Mark



    • Hi Mark,

      I think the closest would be the SBGW031. The Orient WZ0081FD shown in this post is also pretty close. SARB031 and 035 are not very close. They are off white rather than cream.

      Best regards,


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    • It’s actually Hardlex crystal.



  8. Hi Bro, do you know where can I get the out of production sarb031 in Singapore? Or my best bet will be sales forum and yahoo Japan?



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