Orient 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch – DT00002W


Orient celebrated its 60th Anniversary on 13th July 2010 and a “60th Anniversary” limited edition watch was released to commemorate the event. There are two variants of the watch, one with stainless steel case and another one with a gold(4 micron) plated case.

Each variant is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and I am privileged to be able to pick up the stainless steel variant.

This watch is powered by the Orient 48N40 hand wind movement. It comes with power reserve indicator and stop second features. The movement beats at 21,600bph.

Below is how the watch is presented. At the outermost layer is a plastic wrapper covering the outer box.

Removing the plastic wrapper will reveal the outer box that is made of cardboard.

Then comes the wooden box that contains the watch. It has a nice and pleasing smell of wood.

The watch measures 39mm across (excluding crown) and is 11.6mm thick. As a hand wind watch, it is slimmer than the automatic watches that I own and the first thing I noticed is that it does not sits high on my wrist unlike the automatic watches.

According to Orient’s website, the cursive Orient logo on the dial was used in the 50’s. Here’s a picture of a Orient Star from the 50’s. It has the same cursive font.

The dial is off white in colour and has a very faint sunburst effect. It is domed and has the power reserve indicator at the 12 o’clock position, a feature that Orient watches are known for.

The case design is based on the timeless style of the 50’s. It is simple and yet elegant. Coupled with the off white dial, the beauty of this watch is really in its simplicity.

The watch is fitted with a slightly domed mineral glass crystal that is raised from its edge.

The crown is big and provides good grip when winding the watch. It is signed with the cursive Orient logo.

The watch comes with a snap-on caseback that is inscribed with “Orient 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 1950 – 2010”. It also shows the unique serial number of the watch in the format XXXX/1500. My number, “668” is an auspicious number in Cantonese.

The lug width of the watch is 20mm and it is fitted with a genuine leather strap. The buckle is signed with the same cursive font.

Orient 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch DT00002W featured in this post is provided by:

Orient Distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

37 thoughts on “Orient 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch – DT00002W

    • I was told the suggested retail price of the ss version is USD470.00 and the gold plated one is USD520. Actual price depends on how much discount the dealer offers.


  1. It’s a gorgeous watch. Congrats and wear it in the best of health!

    How does it compares to SARB’s finish and fit?



    • The SARB031 is slightly smaller (36mm) and sits higher on the wrist. Finishing is on par but the Orient DT00002W offers something more. For example, domed dial and unique crown.


  2. Could u tell me which one is your first choice, as compared with Seiko sarb 029?
    I hesitate about the choice between the two watches.
    Thanks. Nice review.


  3. Really gorgeous and classy watch at a very good price point.

    Unfortunately, it has already been sold out at Big Time.

    Any idea any other retailer still offering it?

    Thanks and regards!


  4. hi thomas, saya baru saja mendapatkan yang edisi gold. stok terakhir di indonesia.
    dan telah saya sandingkan dengan FD0F001B. arloji yg sangat sangat cantik.


    • Hi Subhan,

      Congrats on your purchase of the gold plated Orient 60th Anniversary watch in Indonesia.
      The FD0F001B is also a pretty nice watch. Get it if you like it.

      Best regards,


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  6. Orientwatchusa.com has been selling this model at 50% discount or USD $240 shipped to your door. A bargain indeed.

    However, Orient USA only ships within the United States.


    • Those outside the US can still order it from Orientwatchusa.com but they have to use shipito.com to forward the watch to their address outside the US. The watched is shiped from Orient Watch USA to shipito.com and they forward it to the buyer. I believe FedEx offer similar service.


        • I believe Orient Watch USA deals only with Shipito. This is copied from their FAQ page:

          Q: Will you ship outside of the USA?
          A: International customers can place an order with us through Shipito.com

          We only accept international orders that are placed with shipito.com. Shipito is a mail forwarding service that can offer better rates than we can. Since the facility is located in the United States shipping to Shipito will be free. The customer can then choose what carrier to use to get the package to its final destination.

          Any customer who chooses to order using shipito will be responsible for all shipping costs to and from LA including returns, exchanges, repairs and any other reason you would need to send a watch back to us and this includes return shipping.

          If you have any questions regarding shipito you can contact them directly at info@shipito.com. You can also contact Joey with any questions at Joey@orientwatchusa.com.

          Q: What coupons can be used on International Orders?
          A: We currently offer the following coupon to our international customers:

          International50 – Save 50% on entire order

          If international order is placed with any other coupon the sale will be canceled.


  7. This is a beautiful Orient. Classic 60’s design and styling but in the size I love most (39mm). I haven’t seen one here in the Philippines. I’m starting to become an Orient fan since one of my co-moderators in our local watch forum (Philippinewatchclub.org), Don, has been lucky enough to purchase several vintage Orients in ebay. I believe he has 1 or 2 Orient Stars similar to the picture you posted in your review. Great review, Thomas.



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  9. That Orient is very beautiful. A private seller in my country sell a NOS of the bare st. steel version. Not sure is that really a NOS or just a mint/near mint one. Gotta check it myself. He sell it for about USD475. I think it’s overpriced — considering I got a 40th Cal. 469 Anniversary for no more than USD180. What do you think?


    • USD475 is quite high for that watch. Try to lower it if you can. Also, I think the price of the 469 Anniversary you mentioned is too low. You probably can’t use it to gauge the resale price of the 60th Anniversary model which is a much popular watch.


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