Orient 60th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Orient released a commemorative book as part of its 60th anniversary celebration. This 200-page book tells the story of Orient including its history, products and expertise. It also features staff from different departments as well as business associates.

I had the opportunity to take a look at it via the local Orient distributor, Big Time. Below are some casual shots taken from the ‘Product Archive’ chapter.

1940s – Locle Special

1951 – Orient Star

1957 – Orient Star Dynamic

1961 – Grand Prix Orient Special

1962 – Super Auto

1963 – Olympia Calendar

1964 – Olympia Calendar

1964 – Olympia

1964 – Grand Prix 100

1964 – Flash

1967 – Fineness

1969 – World Diver

1969 – King Diver

1970 – ChronoAce

1970 – Ten-Beat

1970 – King Diver

1976 – Multi-year Calendar

1976 – Touchtron

1980s – SK Model

1982 – Southern Cross

1983-85 – A716

1991 – Mon Bijou

2004 – Mecha Trenics Automatic

2004 – Royal Orient

2005 – Orient Star Camera Model

This book is published in Japanese language and released in Japan on 13th July 2010. It retails for 850 Japanese Yen and is available at all good bookshops in Japan.

For more information, please visit:

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