Watch Purchase: Orient Bambino – ER2400BW

Here are some pictures of my new Orient Bambino. This is a new Roman dial variant that was released in October 2013.

I have posted a review of the Bambino when I bought the original version – ER24005W. The new Roman dial variant uses the same case, caseback, movement and leather strap. The following parts are different from the original version:

1. Dial
2. Hands
3. Crown
4. Some variants come with a mesh bracelet instead of the leather strap.

Here are some pictures of the watch. Link to my Bambino review is at the bottom of this post.

Here are the rest of the variants:





My Orient Bambino review:

12 thoughts on “Watch Purchase: Orient Bambino – ER2400BW

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  8. Hi, where is that steel bracelet available? I’ve been trying to find a 21mm metal bracelet for my Bambino but have had no luck.


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