New Orient Watches at Big Time – 27th Dec 2014


Made a trip to Big Time today and saw some interesting Orient watches including the 2014 OrientXSTI, new Bambino variants, new quartz Bambino variants as well as new Orient Star models.

Shown above is the 2014 OrientXSTI model, EL07003D. This model is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. It is now available at Big Time.

Here are the other models.

Shown below is a new Orient Star model. This model was launched in Japan recently and is now made available to the international market. Model number DK05002D. Model number in Japan is WZ0191DK.


Next is Orient Star classic with gold hands and hour markers. This model used to be a JDM model but is now made available to the international market. Model number EL05005S. Model number in Japan isWZ0271EL. Here is mine:


Here is the black dial variant of the new Orient GMT. This model comes with hack and handwind feature. Here is my post on the white dial variant.


Next, the white and black dial variants of the Orient Sun and Moon. Here is my review of the rose gold variant. ET0T001W and ET0T002S.



The popular Orient Bambino gets a new look again. Here are three colour variants:

Grey – ER2400KA
Blue – ER2400LD
Gold case – ER2400JW




Here are new variants of the quartz model. Nice looking Roman dial. Wish they had this on the automatic model.





2 thoughts on “New Orient Watches at Big Time – 27th Dec 2014

  1. Yep… agree with you on the Quartz dress pieces… ORIENT should have use the dials and the combos for 3rd wave of the Bambino releases, such that the “retro” theme tied to the Bambino name could continue further… The latest version of the Bambino for 2015 release looks much more like a modern-retro fusion release.


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