Watch Purchase: Orient Star Standard Date – WZ0021DV

Here’s an Orient Star that I picked up recently. I had the opportunity to see and consider a wide range of Orient Stars at Big Time and this is the one that I picked up eventually. The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet but I’m wearing it on a leather strap.

What I like about the watch:
– white dial with simple dial design
– black lines on hands and hour markers, making it more legible
– ideal 39mm diameter
– sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating
– classic case shape

On the side of the watch, you can see a brush finished stripe running from lug to lug with the crown sitting right in the middle of it. This creates an “thin watch” illusion when you look at it from the side. Below is a shot that shows what I mean.

Personally, I prefer the watch to have a thinner side profile. Here’s an example of a watch that looks thicker from the side.

Here are a few more shots that show the case and lug design of the WZ0021DV.

Here is a caseback shot. This Orient Star is a Japan domestic model which is not available in most retail shops here in Singapore. I got mine at the Big Time showroom.

11 thoughts on “Watch Purchase: Orient Star Standard Date – WZ0021DV

  1. I’m in seriously about 2 watch of Orient. One is
    Orient Retrgrade De0002W vs Orient Standard date Wz00021AC.
    Which one movement better. AC or DE?

    Many tks


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