Comparison Shots of SBBN015 and SBDC011

I finally got myself a SBBN015 quartz tuna and took some comparison shots of the tuna can and the Fieldmaster, SBDC011 that I bought last year.

I measured the diameter of both watch from the back with a ruler and found the difference to be roughly 0.5mm. The Field master measures 48mm while the Tuna is at 47.5mm.

Below are some pictures showing the difference in the shroud, lug and crown design.

Lastly, here’s the stealth Fieldmaster, SBDC013 on nato strap.

14 thoughts on “Comparison Shots of SBBN015 and SBDC011

  1. Hi Yeoman, i’m looking at SBDC011 as my next purchase, couple of q’s; can i install the bezel and bracelet of the SBBN015 to SBDC011? Beside BigTime where should i look for JDM Seiko in Singapore?

    i’m from indonesia, btw.



    • The SBBN015 bracelet would not fit because the lug width of the SBDC011 is 21mm. The tuna is 22mm. I’m not sure about the bezel because I have not tried it myself.

      I think Big Time is the only place to get this watch in Singapore. Please email them to check stock availability.


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    • I have tried changing them just to see how they look like on another shroud. The SBBN015 shroud is a bit too small fit into the Fieldmaster. The Fieldmaster shroud is slightly bigger and fits easily into the SBBN. It makes the SBBN look bigger but I didn’t put in the screws for fear of damaging the screw threads.


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