Orient M-force Diver EL03002M – Part II

In this post, I will do a size comparison of the Orient M-force with its big brother, the Orient 300m diver (non-hack/handwind model). Let’s start off with the side-by-side comparison shot above.

You can see that the M-force is slightly bigger than the 300m in the picture. According to Orient’s website the diameter of the M-force is 46mm whereas that of the 300m is 45.70mm.

In the picture below, you can see that the 300m is thicker than the M-force. Hence, the M-force does not sit high on the wrist unlike the 300m.

Here are the thickness measurements according to Orient’s website:

M-force: 13.30mm
300m: 16.60mm

You will also notice that the M-force has a smaller lug to lug distance. Here are the measurements I get for lug to lug:

M-force: 52mm
300m: 54.50mm

Here’s a comparison from another angle and it shows that the M-force has a bigger lug width. I measured it at 23mm which is quite an odd size. The 300m diver has 22mm lug width.

Below is a caseback comparison. The 300m certainly has a nicer caseback.

Next, I have a side-by-side comparison shot of the M-force next to a recent Seiko SKZ325K aka Stargate.

Someone mentioned that they have similar looking crown so here’s a comparison shot of their crowns.

Last but not least, here’s a shot of the M-force. Thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “Orient M-force Diver EL03002M – Part II

  1. Nice Orient watches, but I’d rather stay with Seiko divers. Yeoman, congratulations for the excellent pictures that show us the very fine details of this watches.


  2. The crowns are similar, but not the same as I had mentioned. The Orient crown has a little bit of a nicer finish and what looks to be a better grip due to having more splines cut in to it. Very nice pictures as always. Exellent comparison.



  3. Nice!
    Great compare shots, at first I was sure the M was smaller. Qy=uite a big watch and the thickness will contribute to less wabble on the wrist.
    Not sure about the bezel…
    Does the lume compare well to the 300M? Very hard to beat IMO
    Thanks for the post



  4. Orient watches “Power-Reserve” is in fact far better than Seiko watches… Owning two Orient ‘Subs’ (Non-Sapphire & Sapphire versions), an Orient ‘Datejust’, an Seiko ‘Atlas’–I definitely can prove this… Nice write-up, may contact Alice from Big Time to give me a best price for this and the Orient GMT also…


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