Orient M-Force 200m Diver – EL03002M

The Orient M-Force diver finally hit the Singapore market and I had the opportunity to handle them this weekend.

This is a 200m diver’s watch that is ISO compliant and comes with features like hack and handwind movement, sapphire crystal and power reserve. The watch comes in three colour variants namely black (EL03001B), blue (EL03001D) and orange which is featured in this post.

Here’s a quick look at the watch.

The orange dial is very legible due to the use of black contrasting outline on the hour markers and even on the hands. There are basically three colours on the dial – orange, black and the greenish lume.

One area that could be improved is the date window. It is on the small side and could make it difficult for some to read the date.

The bezel is three dimensional as mentioned on Orient’s website. It uses the same concept as the traditional bezel where the black insert is enclosed within a stainless steel structure.

Some non-traditional bezels tend to be overly designed. This one looks reasonable to me.

The screw in crown is located at the 4 o’clock position and is signed with the Orient logo. Below is a close up shot of the crown.

Case design
The M-force diver has a nice case design that incorporats brushed and polished finishing on both sides as well as unique lug shape that looks like those of the Seiko Ananta .

The pictures below show you the case from various angles.

The caseback as you can see below is rather simple. I was expecting a nice and big Orient logo like the Orient 300m diver or even a newly designed M-force logo.

The watch comes with a solid oyster style bracelet with folding clasp with puch button lock and catch. It doesn’t have solid end links but does come with a pair of fat spring bars.

Diameter: 46mm excluding crown
Thickness: 13.5mm
Lug width: 23mm


Orient EL03002M featured in this post is provided by
Official Orient Distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

29 thoughts on “Orient M-Force 200m Diver – EL03002M

  1. Hi, Thomas.
    Compared to the similar Orient Star model selling in Japan,
    it is nice to have the sapphire crystal glass for a diver watch.
    Most people I think expecting a beautiful engraved lion caseback…

    On the small date display, yes, really hard to see, every Rolex watches have
    manifying glass on the date display…maybe can suggest this idea to Orient.


  2. Hi Thomas…great photo and write-up.

    As far as the small date and lack of
    magnifier, as Kevin suggests, did you
    guys know that you can buy magnifing
    lenses and attach them. There are
    sites on the internet that sell this
    equipment, and it is pretty cheap.


  3. I check this site out every few days. Got a bit concerned with the previous post from you being May 2nd. OrientUsa ought to use your photos. Your photos put their photos of the SEL03002M to shame. Cyclops would be nice.


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  5. hope to see pics of the other two color variants also…
    btw, someone mentioned dat e cyclop can b purchase frm online & ‘attach’…?


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  7. Must admit even the crown and case sides remind me of the Seiko stargate. Do prefer the discontinued revolver (especially when I saw the case size-bigger than alot of people would consider wearable) orient are a funny lot really I.e sapphire crystal but no solid end links- just go the extra mile orient and sort that out- won’t cost much surely. As for the size of the date its really not an issue In reality.


    • Overall, I feel that the M-force is an improvement of the Mako XL whereas the Revolver is closer to OS 300m diver. The Revolver certainly has a more solid feel than the M-force.

      The M-force is bigger than the Revolver but what the ideal size should be depends on the wrist size of the wearer.


  8. Hi Thomas,

    On the three color variants, black, blue, orange…if you were going to choose one,
    which color you may prefer?.
    I find it all look attractive.


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  10. Hi! Thomas,
    As the lug width is 23mm, would it be safe to atttach a 22mm Seiko diver strap on it,
    “exposing” a little of the fat spring bar?. I can’t any 23mm diver rubber strap online….
    Any readers comment?.
    🙂 Orient is now part of Seiko.


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