Seiko Shrouded Prospex Solar Chronograph Fieldmaster – SBDL021


Seiko released a number of shrouded Prospex watches recently (Kinetic diver, chronograph and 4R36 diver). Here is a one that I did not post pictures here when it was released several months ago. I remember three variants were released of which two were limited editions. This is the regular edition which is still in production.

It is powered by the V175 solar chronograph movement. This is the same movement found in the popular solar chronograph diver (SSC017).

Here are some quick pictures of the watch:
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Seiko Golgo 13 Limited Edition Fieldmaster – SBDC021

Saw this limited edition Seiko Golgo 13 Fieldmaster (SBDC021) at Big Time while purchasing the SBBN023. The presentation box of this watch is the same as that of the SBBN023 which I posted a few weeks ago. The SBDC021 is limited to 400 pieces whereas the SBBN023 is limited to 500 pieces.

Here are some cellphone pictures.
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