Recent Purchase: Fieldmaster SBDC013

After wearing the SBDC011 for three weeks, I am convinced that the watch gels with me even though it is not a dive watch. So I went on and got myself the black SBDC013.

The watch comes with a metal bracelet but since I’m not a bracelet user, it is temporarily put on a Seiko nylon strap. Here’s how it looks like on the strap.

I’m trying get hold of the original black bund leather strap that comes with the limited edition SBDC015. The strap from what I heard is out of stock at the moment. If I get it, I will try wearing this watch with the bund backing. Not sure how it feels like to wear a tuna can on bund strap. It will sit higher on the wrist for sure.

I have already done a review on the SBDC011 (see related post below) so I will not review this one. Here are a few more pictures for your view pleasure.

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20 thoughts on “Recent Purchase: Fieldmaster SBDC013

  1. Hi,
    I have a question for you. How does the PVC feels?Solid? Will it last or its gonna look bad with scratches? I hate the idea of having the shiny metal show after scratched?
    One thing for sure, she sure looks amazing!


    • Hi Jéjé,

      My watch is about a week old. So far, I have yet to scratch it (touch wood). However, I believe the shiny metal will show if it gets scratched. Will post pictures if I come across any scratched TiCN coated Seiko’s.

      Best regards,


    • Hi Daron,

      I’m not a fan of the Trek Monster and Alpinist in SKX007 case but somehow the Fieldmaster works for me. Of course, I’m still hoping to see a 6R15 shrouded diver from Seiko.



  2. aggh… we all have different tastes…but I think you’ve cheapened it by putting it on that cheap nylon strap, I know you don’t like metal straps but at least match it with a nice black leather strap, I would have kept the original watch strap myself


  3. Love the watch, love your photos and love your reviews. However, the watch looks terrible on that nylon strap. Can’t wait for the photos with the bund strap. How can I order the bund strap?



  4. I think it looks GOOD on the nylon. Nylon is often cast aside as ‘cheap’. I think it looks tactical. Unless you are fraying the nylon yourself and then tearing it, most nylon straps, from cheapo garbage to something like Maratac, will not fall apart or rip, ever.


  5. Bro Yeosman can I know where u brought this Seiko prospect fieldmaster sbdc013 ,& what’s the price for this watch .thank u I’m a new member of Seiko club ,recommend by astro


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