Orient CEM6V001B – Close Cousin of the Orient Star SOMES

Fans of JDM Orient watches are probably familiar with the Orient SOMES by now. It is nicknamed “Orient SOMES” because the leather strap was made by SOMES, a Japanese horse riding equipment manufacturer.

Recently, my local Orient distributor brought the lesser known cousin of the Orient SOMES into the local market. I’ve got a specimen here so let me post some pictures of it and perhaps owners of the Orient SOMES can tell me how similar the two watches are.

Shown below is a comparison of the stock photos. On the left is the international model CEM6V001B and on the right is the JDM Orient SOMES WZ0081FR.

Left: CEM6V001B, right: Orient SOMES WZ0081FR

As you can see, both watches have very similar cushioned case. Except for the pusher and smaller crown (note: photos not to scale) on the CEM6V001B, they look almost the same and I won’t be surprised if they are actually using the same case.

The shape of the hour markers and the location of the luminous material are also very similar. These two pictures below provide a clearer illustration of the hour markers.

Photo by watch-tanaka.com

Here’s a side profile shot of the CEM6V001B.

Like its SOMES cousin, the CEM6V001B is fitted with a Sapphire crystal. Both watches have display back with mineral crystal.

The CEM6V001B does not come with a SOMES made leather strap but Orient has a nice metal bracelet made for it instead.

Overall, the Orient SOMES is a sporty watch that comes with power reserve and sub second features. Some variants comes with lively dial colours such as yellow and green.

The CEM6V001B on the other has a simpler style with only the basic day/date features and traditional dial colours.

Here are two other colour variants:

Orient CEM6V001B featured in this post is provided by:
Authorized Orient Distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

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