Seiko Golgo 13 Limited Edition Fieldmaster – SBDC021

Saw this limited edition Seiko Golgo 13 Fieldmaster (SBDC021) at Big Time while purchasing the SBBN023. The presentation box of this watch is the same as that of the SBBN023 which I posted a few weeks ago. The SBDC021 is limited to 400 pieces whereas the SBBN023 is limited to 500 pieces.

Here are some cellphone pictures.

5 thoughts on “Seiko Golgo 13 Limited Edition Fieldmaster – SBDC021

  1. Thomas: I know you are both a tuna-can and a Fieldmaaster fan. I bet you are going to get this one and add it to your collection ! By the way, this is a beautiful watch !! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Danny @ Bangkok


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  3. Hi Yoeman, I’m still new on collecting Seiko, but lately I surprise with their premium quality collection etc and I plan to get one soon. Frankly, I like watch that have with automatic caliber, steel brush finishing rather than black but the limited edition kill me. Can you recommend me which one is better to collect in a long term value and buy first SBDC021 or SBDC011?


    • The SBDC021 is a limited edition. I’m not sure if it is still available. SBDC011 is a nice watch but my suggestion to you is to get a Seiko Marinemaster – SBDX001. Google it to get more info.


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