Pictures of my King G-Shock – GX-56-1B

As promised, here are some pictures of my King G-Shock, GX-56-1B. This is another big G-Shock that I like besides the Frogman.

5 thoughts on “Pictures of my King G-Shock – GX-56-1B

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  2. Dear yeoman,

    Any idea if this model is still in production and where I can buy it in singapore if someone is still carrying it.

    It is an old thread and any relevant information is deeply appreciated.

    Thanks .


  3. I’m waiting for mine to arrive from Hong Kong. A month delivery schedule. I fear the watch will have a brutal journey but will survive. Loved these pictures they are amazing quality. I’m selling every watch I own on eBay to cover the cost of this g shock which will be my only watch.


  4. Fantastic pictures. I’m selling every watch i own to cover the cost of this g shock. I fear the month delivery schedule will be a brutal journey from hong Kong to the uk but it will survive. Thank you for taking such fantastic pictures. They really highlight the awesomeness of this watch which when it arrives will be my only watch


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