My Collection of GX-56 G-Shock Kings

The GX-56 “King G-Shock” is my favourite G-Shock model after the Frogman. I bought the GX-56-1B (above) a couple of months ago and like it very much. I added two more in the last few weeks. I’m not looking to collect them all but since certain variants are getting hard to find, I thought I’ll get them before they disappear completely.

Here are my new additions.
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Cellphone shots of my Casio G-Shock Vibe Alarm – GD-350-8DR

Bought this fairly new G-Shock model yesterday. For G-Shocks, I prefer the bigger ones like the Frogman and the King G-Shock (GX-56). This one is not as big but acceptable I guess.

Here are some photos of the watch taken from various angles.
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G-Shock/Baby-G Catalog (US Market) from the 90s

Here’s an old G-Shock catalog that I got hold of recently. I can’t find the year printed anywhere on it but I believe this catalog is from anywhere between 1996-1998. The address found on its back cover indicates that it is a US catalog.
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G-Shock 30th Anniversary: G-9330A-4DR Mudman

G-Factory Singapore launched the G-Shock 30th Anniversary models on 10th Nov 2012. I had the opportunity to handle this Mudman model which belongs to a friend.

Here are a few cellphone shots.
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Photo Review: Casio G-Shock Frogman – GF-8250ER-2JF

I got interested in G-Shocks recently and picked up a Frogman from a local Casio dealer. I am mainly interested in the bigger models such as Frogman, Mudman and the GD100. This particular Frogman belongs to the “Men in Military Colours” series.

Here’s a quick photo review.
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