My Collection of GX-56 G-Shock Kings

The GX-56 “King G-Shock” is my favourite G-Shock model after the Frogman. I bought the GX-56-1B (above) a couple of months ago and like it very much. I added two more in the last few weeks. I’m not looking to collect them all but since certain variants are getting hard to find, I thought I’ll get them before they disappear completely.

Here are my new additions.

The green GX-56KG. Like the military feel of this watch.

The “Gold black” GX-56GB. I believe this is a limited production model.

Here are a few more pictures of my new additions.

7 thoughts on “My Collection of GX-56 G-Shock Kings

  1. Beautiful watches! i bought the 56KG too, loved the colour scheme the most! Can’t seem to find the G5600kg-3 though…in fact, i dont see the 56KG around anymore too


  2. Great G-Shock, but I must say its quite big and not that comfortable all the time!!!
    I have a G-9300 Mudman and it is a bit smaller in size, but the comfort level is way better… But still I wear the king more than the mudman. Nice pieces


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