Aluminium Watch Case

I chanced upon this aluminium watch case on a local website that sells it at SGD25 + SGD8 for shipping by registered mail. So far, I do not have any aluminium watch case and was tempted to buy one just for the fun of it. However, I was skeptical about the site as it loads rather slowly and sells almost anything under the sun.

I tried searching online for feedback but could not find any. Finally, I decided to pay them a visit since they have a brick and mortar shop which is very near my watchmaker’s shop.

Upon reaching the shop, I asked the lady if I could purchase the watch case listed on their website at the shop. She said she can bring it to the shop for me to collect the following day. Price would be SGD25 + SGD5. I agreed and collected it the next day.


The watch has 12 slots and each slot has a ‘C’ shaped holder. Finishing is not very good and it comes with a bit of dust.

The latch.

Front corner.

Back corner.

As you can see below, the slots are too close and the watches will scratch each other.

One way to fit in 12 watches is to put the watches in a “one up one down” fashion as shown below. Don’t even use the ‘C’ shaped holders. The slots can take strap width up to 22mm.

The top is made of plastic.

This is definitely not the best aluminium watch case I’ve seen. Since I already have it, I would use it to hold a bunch of low end watches.

I wouldn’t recommend it but if you want one for the fun of it, here’s the contact:

This is the website that I saw the watch case:

– I am not affiliated to the shop
– I have not bought anything from the above website (I bought at the shop and paid cash).

4 thoughts on “Aluminium Watch Case

  1. Interesting story, Thomas, but I think it doesn’t hold a candle to Martin’s Pelican cases. Only drawback is there are no glass windows for displaying the watches, but they are very secure, waterproof and dustproof, even.


  2. thanks for sharing the story, have been so tempted to buy one, but after reading your report, will carefully thnik before buying.


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