Harris Tweed Straps by vario.sg

Doing another strap review for vario.sg and this time round I am looking at their latest Harris Tweed strap.

Tweed is a fabric that originated from Scotland more than one hundred and fifty years ago. It is made from wool and is handwoven by skilled weavers. Some Tweeds are named after the sheep that produced the wool or the region where they are produced while others are named by their design or by their specific brand names.

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Silicon Straps by STRAPosphere.com

This time round I am featuring a few pieces of silicon straps from straposphere.com, a online strap company that is based in Singapore. This company is formed by a group of guys who are into watch collecting. Their straps are designed with functionality, affordability, quality and reliability in mind. Every strap sold by them comes with one year warranty.

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Printed Nato Straps by Vario.sg

This time round I am featuring a few pieces of printed NATO straps by vario.sg, a online strap store that is based in Singapore. These straps are designed locally in Singapore and each design has a limited production of not more than 500 pieces. I have four pieces to try out but before we see them, let’s take a look at some of the features.

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Aluminium Watch Case

I chanced upon this aluminium watch case on a local website that sells it at SGD25 + SGD8 for shipping by registered mail. So far, I do not have any aluminium watch case and was tempted to buy one just for the fun of it. However, I was skeptical about the site as it loads rather slowly and sells almost anything under the sun.
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Grand Seiko Folding Buckle

This has been posted somewhere before but I’m making my own version here for the benefit of those who have not seen it.

This GS folding buckle can actually be dismantled and certain components can be put together to form a standard GS buckle. So, if you have this, you actually have both the folding and the standard buckle.
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SBDC013 strap arrived and accuracy tested

The picture above says it all. The SBDC013 is now on the original strap designed for the limited edition SBDC015 and it’s on a timegrapher showing good accuracy.

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Lug Adapters for the Citizen Autozilla NH6930-09F

I bought this Citizen 1000m diver in 2004 and have been wearing it on its original rubber strap for the last six years. It is time for a change but strap options are limited due to its proprietary strap design.

Fortunately, someone in Thailand designed and produced an adapter that enables the watch to have regular lugs and suddenly, a world of strap options became available to the watch.
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