Ballistic Nylon Zulu Strap by

This time round I had the opportunity to try out a ballistic nylon Zulu strap by This strap is available in several colours and comes in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. also has a G-Shock adapter that makes the Zulu strap work with G-Shock watches.

As we know, Zulu straps come in five-ring, three-ring and even two-piece versions. The rings on them are beefier than those on the NATO strap. Personally, I prefer the three-ring version to the five-ring ones because I find the additional two rings too much for my 7-7.25″ wrist and they sometimes come into contact with the lugs of the watch. Also, with the five-ring Zulu, there are two layers of nylon material running under the watch, making it sit higher than desired. This is not a problem with the three-ring version because there is only one layer of nylon under the watch.

This strap from happens to be a three-ring Zulu strap which I like. It is made with ballistic nylon material that is 1.5mm thick and measures 280mm long excluding the buckle.

Installation is very easy. All you need to do is to put the spring bars on the watch and run the strap underneath as shown below. Being made with thick nylon, most watches will not slide off when you hold it vertically by the buckle. The Seiko Turtle for example stays on the strap when held vertically.

The rings on the sample straps that I have are brush finished. Matte black ones are also available. They are stitched on to the nylon material rather than heat sealed. The ends and holes are welded to prevent fraying. It is 100% vegan friendly and is machine washable. The Vario brand name is engraved on the buckle as you can see in the images.

Here are a few colour variants of strap from There are more colours options on Vario’s website.

Olive Green:

Navy Blue:

Coal Black:

Ash Grey:

Ruby Red:

Below are some pictures of the straps on my Seiko divers.

Wrist shots. Click on any image to view.

Final thoughts:
I find that the three-ring Zulu strap by is well made and works well with military/pilot style watches, as well as dive watches with beefy case. There are several colour options available to match with different watches. The nylon material is thick and at 280mm, it is targeted for users with wrist size between 51/2″ and 8″. Users with small and average sized wrists need to fold the strap tail and insert it back into the rings.

Ballistic Nylon Zulu straps featured in this post are provided by:

Please visit the above site for more information.

The link below contains information on using Zulu straps on G-Shock watches with adapters by

Pictures and text by Yeoman.

Thanks for viewing.

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