Printed Nato Straps by

This time round I am featuring a few pieces of printed NATO straps by, a online strap store that is based in Singapore. These straps are designed locally in Singapore and each design has a limited production of not more than 500 pieces. I have four pieces to try out but before we see them, let’s take a look at some of the features.

These straps are mostly available in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm with various hardware options such as polished silver, polished gold, polished rose gold and matte black. The straps are securely stitched as opposed to heat welded which may open up with age.

Each strap is 280mm long (including buckle) and 1.2mm thick. They are made from dacron fabric which is soft and comfortable to wear. I also notice that the brand “VARIO” is engraved on one of the rings.

Let’s take a look at the four samples that I have here.


Strap 1: Camo Green


The Camo Green NATO strap by Vario does not have the typical camouflaged pattern that we often see in the market. This strap is inspired by the tiny toy soldiers that anyone who grew up in the 70s/80s in Singapore and other parts of Asia would know. These tiny soldiers of two to three inches tall were sold in a bag of ten or twelve pieces back in the day. See picture below. (Photo credit:

You will be able to see tiny soldiers in different colours, forming part of the camouflaged pattern on this strap.

Here is the Seiko SRP777J fitted with the Camo Green NATO.


Strap 2: Mono Plaid


The Mono Plaid NATO strap by Vario is basically a grey strap with chequered design created using different shades of grey. This makes the grey strap a little bit more luxurious yet maintain its neutral look. I think this strap should go well with most military styled watches and divers. It is also a great complement to your dress watches and fashion watches.

Here is the Seiko SRP777J fitted with the Mono Plaid NATO.


Strap 3: Escher Crates


The Escher Crates NATO strap by Vario is a very interesting strap because its design pays tribute to MC Escher, a dutch graphic artist whose unique and fascinating works of art has continued to inspire many to this day. MC Escher is famous for incorporating impossible objects in his works. The Impossible Stairs is an example of his work. Here is a simplified version that we all are familiar with.

Below is the Seiko SRP777J fitted with the Escher Crates NATO.


Strap 4: Sky Pyramids


The Sky Pyramids NATO strap by Vario is another interesting strap inspired by the Mayan Pyramids. Unlike the pyramids in Egypt, Mayan pyramids have step-like slopes rather than smooth slopes. The designer did a good job in depicting the structure of the Mayan Pyramids on the strap. You may need to stare hard at the strap to figure it out.

I think this strap is suitable for active people who like to go on a adventure or do some form of outdoor sports. The all out bright blue colour goes well with most white dialed watches in my opinion.

Below is the Seiko SRP385K fitted with the Sky Pyramid NATO.

These straps are comfortable to wear and are of reasonable quality. I see that a lot of thoughts have gone into some of the designs, particularly the Camo Green and Escher Crates. I consider them designer NATO that enable you to show your personality as intended by Vario. Some of the designs are bold and eye catching while others let the wearer stay low profile yet stylish. There’s bound to be a design that suits your personality.

At 280mm (including buckle), they are most suitable for people with small to medium wrist size. They are definitely suitable for ladies.

Lastly, here are some wrist shots of these beautiful NATO straps.


Printed NATO straps featured in this post are provided by VARIO




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