Vintage Inspired Italian Leather Strap By

This time round I had the opportunity to try out a vintage inspired strap by This strap comes in several colour variants. I have a 20mm grey and a 22mm brown sample here. Let’s take a look.

This strap is made from genuine Italian leather sourced from the Province of Vicenza in Italy. The leather is high quality and very soft. It also has a nice texture which is similar to the textures you find on some vintage straps.

The strap measures 115mm at the long end and 75mm at the short end. It is roughly 3mm thick from the lug end to tip and buckle end, un-padded. It has cream coloured stitches which gives the strap an ageing effect.

The strap tapers 2mm from the lug end to the buckle. My 20mm sample tapers to 16mm at the buckle and the 22mm sample tapers to 18mm.

The strap comes with quick release spring bars for easy installation. You can remove them if you prefer to use the original spring bars that came with your watch.

The back of the strap has a layer of soft leather which makes it comfortable to wear. It has the Vario brand name and “Genuine Italian Leather” wordings printed on it.

It comes with a solid stainless steel buckle that also bears the Vario branding.

I particularly like the 20mm grey sample as it is the perfect strap for my Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watches. The grey colour matches very well with the matte black dial of the watch. Below are some pictures.

It also work very well with my white dial variant of the same watch. Below are some pictures of the white dial and grey strap combo.

The 22mm brown sample is also very nice and I have it on my Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic. It matches very well with the black dial.

Final thoughts:
Overall, this strap is very well made, soft and comfortable on the wrist. I think it is one of the best from so far. It is suitable for vintage watches, vintage inspired watches, as well as modern watches. Besides the Hamilton watches that I have used in this review, some watches I think it is suitable for are vintage KS and GS as well as vintage military watches and dress watches. It will also go well with most modern dress and sporty watches.

Vintage Inspired Straps featured in this post are provided by:

Check out their Summer Sale which ends on 15 July 2019.

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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