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This time round I had the opportunity to try out a watch travel case by This is a donut shaped zipper case that is designed to fit a single watch. Let’s take a look.

This watch case comes in four colour variants – denim blue, ash grey, black with black zipper and black with grey zipper.

The external part of the case is made of good quality nylon material and the internal part that comes into contact with the watch is made of soft velvet material. The dimension of the case is 125mm X 90mm X 60mm.

The inside of the case is quite spacious and will fit large watches up to 54mm diameter. It also comes with a ‘O’ shaped cushion which can be used to prevent the watch from moving about and at the same time provide some form of shock protection. If you are using it to store a smaller watch, you may want to put this cushion at the bottom to prevent the watch from wobbling.

There is also a compartment which can be used to store small items such as earphones or USB cable for you smartphones and smartwatches.

Final thoughts:
Overall, I find that this watch travel case is very well made and is large enough to fit big watches. It helps to protect your watch from shock and also prevent it from getting scratched when travelling. On top of that, it also offer reasonable crush and water resistance.

Besides watches, you can also use it to store other fragile items such as earphones, SIMM cards, SD cards, USB drives and even jewelry item.

Watch travel cases featured in this post are provided by:
Introductory price of SGD22.00 ends on 19th May 2019.

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
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