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This time round I had the opportunity to try out the new StrapoROLL by This is a watch roll that fits four watches. Let’s take a look.

The StrapoROLL is made from heavy duty canvas material that is waxed for water resistance. The inner side is lined with soft micro fibre flannelette that helps to protect the watches.

Its dimension is 280mm by 230mm when unrolled and unfolded. The specimen I have here is a blue colour version. The canvas material gives it a utilitarian and rugged look.

There is also a leather patch with the straposphere branding on it, as well as a leather strap for tying the watch roll when it is rolled up.

I notice that the four pockets are actually of different sizes. The two on the outer sides are bigger than the other two enclosed by them. Therefore, if I have four watches, I will put them in according to their size. The biggest pocket can take watch up to roughly 46mm diameter (depending on thickness).

Below are four of my watches (Hamilton Intra-matic 68, Longines Big Eye, Hamilton Field Mechanical and Seiko Presage Chronograph) that are about to go into the watch roll.

Once the watches are in, fold the top portion of the watch roll over and roll it up gently. Tie the leather strap to secure it.

Final thoughts:
I find that the StrapoROLL is a very useful watch accessory as it can be used for bringing a small number of watches when travelling overseas. It is not big and does not take up too much space in the luggage.

The StrapoROLL is also suitable for bringing watches to your watchmaker for servicing or battery replacement. You can also use it to bring watches to small scale watch meets where you only need to bring a few watches.

StrapoROLL featured in this post is provided by

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.
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