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This time round, I am reviewing the strapoSAIL by I have reviewed most of the straps by straposphere and the strapoSAIL is one of my favourite because it is a nice looking strap and it’s pretty well made.

Let’s take a look.

The strapoSAIL is made out of canvas material that has a sailcloth texture. This texture gives the strap a very strong and rugged feel. The look of the strap is further enhanced by the contrasting stitching. Overall, this material and style is something that is not commonly seen in a market filled with leather, rubber and nylon straps.

The strap measures 150mm at the long end and 75mm at its short end excluding buckle. It is padded to 4mm at the lug end and tapers down to 2mm towards the end. The samples I have are 22mm models. They taper to 20mm at the buckle end.

Two other features I like about the strap are:

1. it has a leather backing which is water resistant.
2. it comes with a very nice and unique looking buckle rather than one with a generic design.

Below are some pictures of the strapoSAIL on my Seiko watches.

Final thoughts:
As mentioned above, most watch straps in the market are made from leather, nylon or rubber. The strapoSAIL being made from canvas material is definitely a great strap option for those who like to try out straps that are made from different material.

I think the material and style of the strapoSAIL made it suitable for use with a wide variety of watches including diving watches, sports watches, as well as military and pilot style watches.

Overall, I feel that this strap is very well made and even come with leather backing and a nice buckle that is fully brush finished. It is definitely worth its selling price of USD17.10.

StrapoSAIL straps featured in this post are provided by

Please check out their website to enjoy their Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion.

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Text and photos by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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