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This time round I had the opportunity to try out the StrapoBELT by This is a NATO strap made from seat belt nylon. Unlike the other NATO straps that I have tried, the StrapoBELT comes with a movable keeper. Let’s take a look.

The strap measures 280mm in length excluding buckle and is 1.4mm thick. The seat belt nylon feels smoother and wears more comfortably compared to the regular nylon material as it is a more tightly woven nylon material.

The main feature of the strap is that the keeper near the buckle is movable. This makes it easier for users to loop the strap end to obtain the best fit.

I also noted that the strap is stitched to fit watches with up to 50mm lug to lug distance.

The buckle and keepers on the strap are much very solid compared to those on regular NATO straps. They are brush finished and are made from stainless steel. One of the keepers is engraved with the StrapoSphere brand.

Below are some pictures of the straps installed on my Seiko divers.

Final thoughts:
Overall, I find that the StrapoBELT is pretty well made. It has the same quality as the ones that I have reviewed on this blog. With the movable keeper, this strap should work well for people with smaller wrist. Those with bigger wrist probably do not need to loop the strap end back into the keepers.

StrapoBELT NATO straps featured in this post are provided by

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