Waffle Strap by straposphere.com

This time round I am reviewing a waffle strap from straposhere.com. It is named StrapoWAFFLE in accordance to the company’s naming convention. Other products by the company are StrapoLEATHER, StrapoSTITCH and StrapISO. The StrapoWAFFLE strap is currently available in three colours namely carbon black, marine blue and military green. Let’s take a look.

The StrapoWAFFLE strap is made with rubber material that is soft and odourless. The long end is 125mm and the short end is 79mm excluding the buckle.

The strap has a waffle design similar to those found on dive watches in the 70’s. It has two movable keepers and comes with brush finished buckle.

Both the long and short ends of the strap come with holes that run through the entire length. Besides making it suitable for users of different wrist sizes, these holes also serve as ventilation for the wearer’s wrist. The back of the strap has sunken in squares that help to keep the wrist cool.

Below, you can see that the Straposphere brand is found on the buckle as well as on the back of the strap.

The strap is about 5mm thick at the spring bar end, tapering down to 2mm along its body. I find that the strap is able to accommodate the Seiko fat spring bar without using silicon gel. However, I recommend using silicon gel as it makes it easier to remove the spring bar in future. Obviously, no silicon gel is needed if you are using a thinner spring bar.

Here are some pictures of the straps on my Seiko Turtles.

StrapoWAFFLE straps featured in this post are provided by
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Final thoughts:
The StrapoWAFFLE strap, being a vintage inspired strap, is suitable for vintage divers as well as reissued divers and sports watches. It is definitely a good strap option as it enhances the vintage feel of these watches and make them more fun to wear.

Wrist shots:

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Text and photos by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

6 thoughts on “Waffle Strap by straposphere.com

    • I have no experience with Uncle Seiko’s waffle straps but I went to their website to take a look. Looks like they have similar design except for the buckle. Not sure if there’s any difference in the rubber material though.


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