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I received some newly launched straps from recently. They include a rubber strap called strapoRUBBER and a canvas strap called the strapoSAIL. I will review the strapoRUBBER in this post, followed by the strapoSAIL in another post later on.

The strapoRUBBER is made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is a tough and durable material. It is soft and does not attract dust.

This strap is characterized by the three circular holes on both its long and short ends. They make the strap look stylish and also serve as ventilation holes that keep the wrist cool.

The strap is 125mm long at the long end and 75mm at the short end excluding buckle. It is 3mm thick at the lug end, tapering to 2mm at the buckle end. The samples I received are 22mm models. They taper to 20mm at the buckle.

The strap comes with a polished stainess steel buckle that bears the STRAPosphere brand.

Below are some pictures of the strapoRUBBER on my Seiko Turtles:

The strap comes in three colours – Canary Yellow, Prussian Blue and Onyx Black. The black and blue are traditional colours and will match well with most dial colours. The yellow one is particularly good for people who prefer eye catching straps.

Final thoughts:
Overall, I feel that this strap is soft, flexible and very comfortable to wear. I also like the fact that it is odourless. It does not have a rubber smell or other fragrance added to it.

Look wise, this is sporty looking strap that is suitable for diving watches as well as other sports watches. The large holes on the strap look particularly nice when worn on the wrist.

StrapoRUBBER straps featured in this post are provided by

Please check out their website to enjoy their Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion.

Wrist shots and more pictures below:

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Text and photos by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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