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This time round I am featuring a few pieces of silicon straps from, a online strap company that is based in Singapore. This company is formed by a group of guys who are into watch collecting. Their straps are designed with functionality, affordability, quality and reliability in mind. Every strap sold by them comes with one year warranty.

Below are what you will get when you purchase a strap.

1. The strap in a paper holder
2. A stamped warranty card with date of purchase indicated
3. A pair of 1.8mm spring bars (fitted on the strap)
4. Thank you card

I have got samples of the StrapISO and StrapoSTITCH which I will look at in this post.


Strap 1: StrapISO

The StrapISO is available in five colours (black, navy blue, red, orange and olive greem). It is 22mm tapered to 20mm and comes with a polished stainless steel buckle. The brand, STRAPosphere is etched on the buckle.

The long end of the strap is 135mm long and the short end is 80mm excluding buckle. It is 4mm thick with the long end tapering to 3mm.

I tried the StrapISO on my watches and find it soft and comfortable to wear. The rectangular openings on the strap help to keep the wrist cool. It is 4mm thick, making it an ideal strap for thick watches like the Emperor Tuna and Seiko Baby Tuna/Scallops. It can also be used on the Seiko Turtles. The tapering to 3mm at the long end makes it easier for the tail to pass through the keepers.

The spring bars that come with the strap is 1.8mm thick and works well with Seiko divers. I am sure the 2.5mm Seiko spring bars can be squeezed in with the help of some silicon gel. For me, I’ll just use the 1.8mm spring bars that came with it.

This strap is suitable for people with medium to big wrist. Overall, I find that it is pretty well made and the silicon material does not attract dust.

Below are some pictures of the StrapISO on my Seiko watches.

Blue StrapISO on Seiko SRPA83K and SRP655K

Olive green StrapISO on SRP655K and SRPA79K

Black StrapISO on SRPA83K and SRPA79K


Strap 2: StrapoSTITCH

The StrapoSTITCH comes in three stitch colours (white, red and blue). It is 4mm thick and is available in 20mm and 22mm. It comes with a brushed stainless steel buckle with the brand STRAPosphere etched on it.

The long end of the strap is 120mm long and the short end is 80mm excluding the buckle.

The sample of StrapoSTITCH I have is a 22mm model. It is tapered to 20mm at the buckle. Like the StrapISO, the StrapoSTITCH is very soft and comfortable to wear. I think this is a silicon strap with a leather strap design. It has the look of a sporty leather strap with heavy padding and contrasting stitches. This design makes it suitable for dive watches as well as casual sports and dress watches. Compared to a leather strap, it has the advantage of being waterproof.

This strap is shorter than the StrapISO. It is suitable for people with big wrist as well as those with smaller wrist.

Below is the StrapoSITICH on Seiko SRP775J and SRPA79K


StrapISO and StrapoSTITCH straps featured in this post are provided by

Each strap is priced at USD15.00.



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