Seiko Samurai 2017 Stainless Steel model

The Seiko Samurai is a popular 200m diver released by Seiko in the mid 2000s. Seiko released them in titanium and stainless steel with the titanium version as a JDM model and the stainless steel as a worldwide model. I’m not sure when was the ss version discontinued but I do know the Ti model was discontinued in 2008 and became very rare over the years.

This year, Seiko reissued the Samurai in stainless steel worldwide. Shown above is the PEPSI variant (SRPB53K) that I had the opportunity to handle.

The 2017 Samurai incorporates design elements from both the titanium and stainless steel models such as the wedge-shaped case, the unique bezel insert, as well as the knurled crown and bezel edge. It also has the crown guards of the Ti model and the waffle dial of ss model.

The new model has both pros and cons when compared to the previous models. It uses the 4R35 movement which has hack and handwind while the older Ti and ss models use the 7S25 movement that does not have hack and handwind.

Downside would be the case finishing. The Samurai is known for its wedge-shaped case design. I notice the edges of the case are softer on the 2017 model. The old models have sharper edges and more obvious brushed lines on their brushed surfaces.

One of the issues of this model is that the crown not centered. I think the position of the crown in pictures depends on the camera angle.

In the two pictures below, the crown appears to be off in the first picture and centered in the second picture. It depends on where the camera is placed.

In the picture below, the camera is placed more to the left and the crown appears slightly off.

Here, the camera is more centered and hence the crown appears centered.

Talking about the Samurai, I need to talk about the resale price of the Ti Samurai. They are going for around SGD1000 plus or minus in Singapore depending on condition. I have a set (SBDA001, 003 and 005) which I sold at close to SGD1000 each. This is more than twice the price I paid when I bought them years ago. With the release of the 2017 model, I wonder if the Ti Samurai will continue to fetch such a high price in the resale market.

The Ti Samurai is rare but the 2017 ss model is a close alternative. Would you pay SGD1000 for a 7S25 Samurai or get the 2017 model for less than SGD500?

The 2017 Samurai is distributed by Thong Sia Co. in Singapore and has a list price of $598.20 (price varies by variant). You can get it at discounted price from the retailers.


I think the 2017 Samurai is a nice watch. If I need a Samurai, I would get one of these. The Ti model is nice and rare but definitely not worth SGD1000 or more.


Seiko SRPB53K featured in this post is provided by K2 Watch Co.

845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1.

Singapore 400845.

Tel: 6746 0270


Note: All photos in this post should not be used for any form of sales or advertising purpose without my permission.


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