Two-piece Seat Belt NATO Strap by

I have reviewed many seat belt NATO straps here including a regular one, a single layered one, as well as one with movable keeper. This time round, I am doing another version and it is the two-piece seat belt NATO strap by

Let’s take a look.

Generally, two-piece NATO straps work like a regular leather strap except they are made of nylon and has steel keepers similar to those on the regular NATO straps. Unlike the regular NATO, there is no need to fold and loop the strap end back into the keepers when wearing the two-piece NATO.

The Two-piece Seat Belt NATO strap by is made using tightly weaved seat belt nylon to give it a smooth and nice surface. It is therefore very comfortable to wear.

The strap measures 120mm at the long end and 75mm at the short end excluding buckle. One thing I like about two-piece NATO is that they are usually twice the thickness of the regular ones. This two piece NATO has a thickness of 3mm.

The strap comes with high quality keepers and buckle to match the quality of the seat belt nylon. They are made of 316L stainless steel and have brushed finishing. The buckle is engraved with Watchbandit’s “WB” logo.

While trying out the strap, I notice that it is able to take the Seiko 2.5mm fat spring bar. My experience is that the fat spring bar fits in easily and it is equally easy to take out.

Below are some pictures of my Seiko turtles on the straps.

Military Green:




More pictures of the straps:

Wrist shots:

Final thoughts:
Overall, this strap by is a good quality two-piece NATO strap that I have tried so far. The nylon material feels very comfortable and the hardware is nice and classy.

Besides using it on my Seiko divers, I also have the grey one installed on my Hamilton Khaki. I think this strap works very well on divers, field watches and other sports watches as nylon material is waterproof and washable.

Two-piece Seat Belt NATO straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Text and pictures by Yeoman
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