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This time round, I had the opportunity to try out a quality NATO strap by It is made with the same kind of nylon that is used to make seat belts. I received three colour variants – military green, blue and black/grey or “bond style” as some of us call it. Let’s take a look at them.

My first impression of the strap is that it is very well made and looks kind of cool and stylish. It is also very different from the generic NATO straps due to the nylon material and the hardware that it came with.

The seat belt nylon seems to be more tightly woven than ordinary nylon. It is smooth to touch and feels very comfortable on the wrist. Shown below is the WB Nato strap (top) with a generic Nato strap (bottom).

The hardware on this strap is just wow. As you can see, the buckle is big and beefy and so are the the rings. They are made with 316L stainless steel and have brushed finishing.

The strap is 285mm long excluding the buckle and has rectangular holes that fits the pin at the buckle. It has a thickness of 1.4mm.

The buckle and rings are held in place by stitches. I also noted that the buckle is engraved with Watchbandit’s “WB” logo.

Below are a few pictures of the straps installed on my Seiko divers. The classic look of Seiko divers on Nato strap has gotten better with the heavy rings and buckle.

Black and Grey:

Military Green:


More pictures of my watches mounted on the WB Nato straps:

Here is a gallery of the straps. Click any thumbnail to view.

…and also a gallery of wrist shots. Click any thumbnail to view.

Final thoughts:
This Nato strap is priced at 25 Euro at which I think is worth the price. It is made with good quality nylon material and heavy hardware, giving it a tasteful look. In fact, it reminds me of some nylon straps that come with branded watches. Here’s the WatchBandit Nato strap next to the nylon strap that came with the Hamilton Intramatic 68.

On the wrist, the WB Nato strap is comfortable and will certainly attract attention. I also find that the heavy buckle and rings match very well with big watches compared to the skinny ones of the generic Nato straps.

Seat Belt NATO straps featured in this post are provided by:

Text and pictures by Yeoman
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