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This time round, I had the opportunity to try out and review some straps from In this post, I will review their Perlon straps which comes in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. I received five of these straps and this is the first time I actually tried a Perlon strap.

The Perlon strap is a one-piece strap that is made with braided nylon. The material is nylon 6 to be exact and it is very soft and comfortable to wear. The braiding makes it breathable and hence cool to wear during warm weather.

If you look at the strap, you will notice that there are no holes on it like those on leather straps or NATO straps. There are however many tiny gaps that exist between the interlaced nylon material and the pin on the buckle can be pushed through these gaps anywhere on the strap. Therefore, you can easily get a perfect fit with the Perlon strap.

In the pictures above, you can see that the buckle pin passes through the gap between the interlaced nylon and the tail is then looped through the buckle.

The tip of the strap is heat sealed underneath to slow down fraying.

The maximum length of the strap is 250mm excluding buckle. As the strap is looped through the buckle, you can set it to a length that is suitable for your wrist size by adjusting the looping as shown below. Once you get the correct length, use the keeper to keep the extra length in place.

Adjusting the length of the strap allows you to control the length of the strap end coming out of the buckle.

One interesting thing about the Perlon strap is that you can get these additional buckles and swap them to match your match. Swaping the buckle is easy once you figure out how to loop the strap through it.

Installation is very easy as it is a one-piece strap. Simply run it under the watch as shown below. The strap is able to support relatively heavy watches such as the Seiko Turtle. Below is the Seiko Turtle with 22mm lug width on the 22mm Perlon strap.

I find that the strap is slightly wider than its stated width. For example, on this 22mm version, the inner width of the buckle is 22mm. The strap however is slightly wider. I think this helps to prevent the watch from falling or moving about when it on the wrist.

Below are some pictures of my Seiko watches on Watchbandit’s Perlon straps.

Below are wrist shots and more pictures of the straps.

Final thoughts:
I feel that the Perlon strap is a very flexible strap because of its adjustable length and swappable buckle. It works well with many types of watches including dress watches and is definitely a good alternative to NATO and Zulu straps. I would certainly recommend it to those who like to try out different types of nylon straps.

Perlon straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.

Thanks for viewing.

8 thoughts on “Perlon Straps by

  1. These look like almost exact copies of Eulit Perlon straps, which have been around for a long time (though looks like lower-quality finishing on the buckles). Worth considering, particularly with your recent post about unauthorized use of your photos. See, for example:


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  3. Hello Yeoman, how are you doing?

    My question is not about this post, but would like to know if you can tell me some SGP shops which expect to have new SLA019 and can send international shipping. Thank you very much. Regards. Franc


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