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This time round, I am reviewing the vintage style suede leather straps that I received from I have got three pieces of these and they are in vintage red, vintage navy and brown.

The vintage style suede strap is characterized by the stitches on the lug ends, buckle end, as well as the ‘V’ stitching at the tip of the strap. The strap is handmade from Swedish fallow deer which I find is super soft and very comfortable to wear.

The long end measures 120mm long and the short end is 80mm excluding buckle. It is 3mm thick throughout. Since the strap is handmade, the length may vary slightly on different pieces. It is also interesting to note that the strap has a one-piece fold over construction with the front and back having the same suede leather.

The specimens I have here are 22mm wide. They taper to 20mm at the buckle. The strap is available in 18 to 24mm.

This is my favourite colour of the three. It has black stitches and comes with quick release spring bars.

Vintage navy blue:
This is a dark blue strap that looks almost like black in low light. It has white stitches and comes with quick release spring bars.

Vintage red:
This one is a more lively colour. It does not come with quick release spring bars but does come with a set of regular spring bars.

Below are some pictures of my Seiko divers on the vintage style suede strap. I recommend using a 22mm X 1.8mm spring bar if you are putting the strap on the Seiko diver.

Final thoughts:
I feel that the Watchbandit vintage style suede leather strap is a very comfortable strap to wear. I think it is one of the softest leather straps that I have used. The strap has a vintage feel that comes not only from the stitches at the lug and buckle ends but also from the finishing of the suede leather. The softness of the leather also make it feel like a “pre-broken-in” strap. It is well suited for vintage watches as well as modern pieces especially sports and pilot style models.

Vintage style suede leather straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman.

Thanks for viewing.

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