Unauthorized Use of My Watch Pictures

I have taken many watch photos over the years and many of them have been shared on the Internet. I welcome people to share my pictures on watch forums, social media sites and other sites of non-sales nature. You don’t have to ask me for permission as long as you use them for the purpose of sharing information/picture and promoting the watch collecting hobby. Anything that is considered “fair use” is fine with me and I appreciate if you give credit when you use the pictures.

There are some commercial watch sellers who use my photos to sell their watches without asking me. This is infringement of intellectual property rights. I spend great effort to take pictures and Why should they use my work to make money? Here, I will show you some examples.

1. SRPC41K listed on Carousell

This is one watch seller that uses my photos without asking. I usually put “yeomanseiko.com” at one corner of my photos. This person simply crop it away and use the photos in his/her Carousell listings.

Pictures in the above listing are stolen from my post here:


2. SRPC37K and SRPC39K on Carousell

The pictures in the above listings above are stolen from this blog post:


3. SRPC25K listed on Carousell

Pictures are stolen from this post:


4. SRPC23K listed on Carousell

Pictures are stolen from my Facebook page:

I will add more to this post as and when I see my photos being stolen.

Final thoughts:
I think the Internet community should encourage good ethics by buying from honest sellers, sellers who conduct their online business in a professional manner and sellers who respect other people’s intellectual property rights.


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