Seiko Mini Turtle – SRPC41K1 (PADI Edition)

This time round I had the opportunity to look at a new diver from Seiko. People have already nicknamed it “Mini Turtle”. This variant I have on hand is a PADI version, SRPC41K. It was released in Singapore in December 2017 along with three regular editions – SRPC35K (black dial with bracelet), SRPC37K (black dial with rubber strap), SRPC39K (blue dial with rubber strap).

Since this is a PADI edition, I have to jump straight to the bezel and dial as this is where the watch that is different from the other variants.

The SRPC41K has a Pepsi bezel because blue and red are colours found on the PADI (Professional Association of Diving ) logo. It has a beautiful dial with wave-like texture similar to the PADI Samurai. Unlike the past PADI editions, both this and the PADI Samurai have charcoal coloured dial instead of blue.

As always, the minute hand has red outline and the 3,6,9,12 minute indices are in red.

Here’s the Mini Turtle sitting next to the normal or regular Turtle. I notice the red colour on the bezel is shorter on the Mini Turtle.

The case diameter is 42.5mm but it actually wears smaller due to the roundish case.

The polishing on the case is similar to the Turtle, which is brushed on top and polished underneath. The lugs, especially the top part that is sunken in remind me of the Seiko Sumo except they are shorter or just right. The Sumo has long lugs that create a noticeable gap between the strap and the case.

The crystal is flat hardlex with a round shaped cyclops over the date window. Bezel rotates anti-clockwise at 120 clicks per round. I feel that the bezel rotation is not as smooth as the regular Turtle but this may be different on different specimens or batch.

The crown has a different shape than the regular Turtle or even the SKX but the operation is the same. To lock the crown, push it in and turn it anti-clockwise until a you feel a ‘click’ indicating the screw tracks are properly engaged. Turn it clockwise to lock it.

Only the knurled part of the crown is exposed when it is fully screwed in.

Diameter: 42.3mm
Thickness: approximately 13mm
Lug width: 20mm
Movement: 4R35
Water Resistance: 200m

Overall, I feel that the Mini Turtle has the usual build quality of a Seiko 200m diver. It is smaller than the regular Turtle and should be suitable for guys with smaller wrist as well as ladies who like Seiko divers.

For those who prefer bigger divers, Seiko has released two more variants of the regular Turtle – SRPC23K and SRPC25K. Please visit the link below to view.

More pictures:

The price shown below is in Singapore dollars and is for reference only. Please do not ask me for a quote because I’m not a watch seller. Those in Singapore please check with K2 below.

Seiko SRPC41K featured in this post is provided by K2 Watch Co.

845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1.

Singapore 400845.

Tel: 6746 0270

This post is written by Yeoman

Thanks for reading

5 thoughts on “Seiko Mini Turtle – SRPC41K1 (PADI Edition)

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  2. Is this model SRPC41K 100% Made in Japan? I heard that Seiko has been outsourcing their watches outside Japan to keep the cost affordable.

    I just ordered mine from as this is not available for NZ and AUS

    Can you please find out?

    Just the same, beautiful and rugged tool watch!



      • Thanks. I am starting to appreciate Seiko as I am more of Rolex guy.

        While I have no qualms about Seiko outsourcing, can you please give me a list of Seiko Made in Japan?
        That is, ofcourse apart from the GS.



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