Hand Stitched Vintage Washed Leather Strap by Strapsco.com

I had the opportunity to try out a couple of watch straps from strapsco.com recently. In this post I will review the first model and that is the Strapsco Hand Stitched Vintage Washed Leather Strap. The colours I have here are brown and khaki. Let’s take a look.

This strap as it’s name implies, has been washed or treated to mimic the effects of ageing thus resulting in a strap that has a well worn vintage look. As you can see above, ageing effects can be found on the body of the straps particularly at the areas where the holes are located.

The long end of the strap measures 120mm long and the short end is 80mm excluding the buckle. It has a thickness of 3mm and tapers 2mm from the lug end to the buckle end. My 20mm models taper to 18mm at the buckle. Each strap comes with a pair of quick release spring bars for easy installation and removal. You don’t need a spring bar tool to swap strap.

The strap is made from genuine leather that is very soft and comfortable to wear. There is absolutely no break-in period required.

The back of the strap is layered with leather material for additional comfort and moisture resistance. You can see the Strapsco brand stamped here as well.

Below, I have installed the straps on my Longines Big Eye and Oris Big Crown. The Big Eye gets the brown model while the Big Crown gets the khaki model. The vintage washed straps really bring an old school, worn out feel to these vintage inspired watches.

Final thoughts:
Overall, I feel that the Strapsco Hand Stitched Vintage Washed Leather Strap is an excellent strap at an affordable price. It is super soft and comes with quick release spring bars. Most importantly, the ageing effect helps to enhance the vintage vibe of my watches. What I get from this strap is a vintage feel without the old seat stains.

Hand Stitched Vintage Washed Leather Straps featured in this post are provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman
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