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This time round I am reviewing a few straps that are sponsored by Strapsco is an online shop that specializes in watch straps. The straps are shipped to me from the United States. Let’s take a look.

Strap #1: Dassari Regal II Vintage Leather Strap

This is a vintage style strap with hand sewn stitches on the lug end and buckle end, as well as a “V” stitching at the tip. This style of strap is very popular these days. The Regal II vintage style strap is further characterized by its hand finished vintage effect on its edges.

The strap is made of Italian leather and is backed by an extra layer of condensed leather on the underside for added comfort and moisture resistance.

The specimen I have here is 22mm wide. It is around 3mm thick and tapers to 18mm at the buckle end. The long end of the strap is 120mm long and the short end is 80mm excluding buckle. It comes with quick release spring bars that make it easy to install.

This strap is priced at USD34.99 and is available in several sizes and colours.

I find that this is a very versatile vintage style strap. It works well with many types of watches including vintage, vintage inspired watches and even modern watches.

The quality of the leather and workmanship contributed to the fit and comfort I get when wearing the strap. The overall quality is one of the best among similar straps that I have reviewed on this blog.

Below are pictures of my Seiko Turtles on the strap. Note that it does not take the Seiko fat spring bar. I recommend using spring bars with 1.8mm thickness if you are putting a strap on a Seiko diver.

I am currently using this strap on my Hamilton Khaki Field watch. I prefer to use the original spring bars that came with the watch and the good thing about quick release spring bars is that they can be easily removed.

Strap #2: Dassari CROC Embossed Leather Pilot Watch Band with Matte Black Rivets

The next strap is a croc embossed strap with matte black rivets matched with a matte black buckle.

The specimen I have here is white colour with black contrasting stitches. The width is 22mm, tapering to 20mm at the buckle end. It is 45mm at its thickest part and tapers down at both ends. The long end is 120mm and the short end is 80mm excluding the buckle.

The underside of the strap is a layer of black leather which makes it more resistant to moisture. Like the first strap above, the Dassari CROC Embossed strap is also equipped with quick release spring bars.

Unfortunately, I do not have a pilot watch with 22mm lug width to go with the strap. For demo purpose, I’ll put it on my Seiko Scallop.

I find that this strap is reasonably soft and comfortable despite being 45mm thick.

Below, you can see that the thickness of the strap is enough to match the thickness of the Seiko Scallop.

The Dassari CROC Embossed Leather strap is priced at USD34.99 at Strapsco.

Strap #3: Perforated Rubber Strap with Curved Ends

The third strap is a perforated rally strap made from silicon rubber material. This strap features curved lug ends which fills up the entire lug space of the watch.

The strap is 135mm at the long end and 85mm at the short end excluding buckle. This 22mm specimen I have here tapers to 18mm at the buckle end. The thickest part of the strap is 5mm and it tapers down at both ends. This is a black strap with nice contrasting white perforation and stitches.

Since this is a rally strap, I decided to try it on my Hamilton Intramatic 68. It fits surprisingly well as you can see in the pictures below.

The top of strap levels perfectly with the lugs and the curved part matches perfectly against the curved part of the watch case.

On the back of the watch, the strap reaches near the edge of the caseback, giving sufficient support to keep it in place.

Next, I tried it on my Hamilton Khaki Field watch and again it fits perfectly.

Overall, I think the curved end of the strap is designed to fit most watches and installation/removal is very simple as there is sufficient room for the spring bar tool to go in.

The silicon material is soft and comfortable to wear and it does not attract too much dust.

This band is priced at USD19.99 at Strapsco.

Straps featured in this post are provided by:

Final thoughts:
I find that these straps from strapsco are very well made and comfortable to wear. The quick release spring bars are a plus although I prefer to use the watch’s original spring bars for a more perfect fit. Overall, I think they have the quality to match their price and will last for a long time.

Below are some wrist shots of my watches on the straps.

Pictures and text by Yeoman
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      • Thank you!! I ultimately went with the khaki, or what they call yellow. The tan seemed darker and more of a reddish brown than in your pictures, but I’ll Just have to wait and see. Confusing on their end with the different names, but they have free returns, so not bothered. I’m putting it on a vintage Hamilton SS quartz with a linen dial, so I’m eager to see how the stitching looks with the dial. Trying to dress it down. Thanks for your help and review! May have to get me that turtle haha


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