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This time round I tried out a Milanese Mesh Strap that I received from I don’t usually wear my watches on metal bracelet but the mesh strap is quite interesting to wear as it has a different look and feel compared to the standard Jubilee or Oyster style bracelets that are made up of links that are joined together.

Let’s take a look.

This strap is made with tightly woven stainless steel mesh that has a thickness of 3mm. It is flexible enough to wrap around the wrist and sturdy enough to support heavy watches. Most importantly, it is not a hair puller.

The long end is 115mm and the short end is 75mm excluding the fold-over clasp. You can adjust the strap to fit your wrist size by adjusting the position of the sliding clasp on the long end of the strap. I will not explain the steps in full as there are plenty of videos on Youtube that show how to do it.

The strap comes with a pair of quick release spring bars. Simply put them in as shown in the pictures below and you are ready to install it on your watch.

I tried the strap on the Glycine Combat Sub and the Seiko Turtle. The mesh strap gives the watches a very cool and sophisticated look. It works perfectly well on the Glycine Combat Sub because the inside of the lugs is straight and it does not use a fat spring bar.

Note: I used the quick release spring bars that came with the strap on both watches. I did not use regular spring bars in case they cannot be removed.

Final thoughts
Overall, the Milanese Mesh Strap by is a good quality strap. I did not find any quality issue with the strap while using it. The thing about mesh strap is that it gives modern watches an elegant and sophisticated look and when installed on vintage/vintage inspired watches, it helps to enhance the vintage look. Due to the sliding clasp, I was able to adjust it to achieve a perfect fit for my wrist.

Milanese Mesh Bracelet featured in this post is provided by:

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Pictures and text by Yeoman
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