Seiko Diver 55th Anniversary – SLA043J1

This time round I checked out the Seiko Prospex SLA043J1, one out of a series of dive watches released to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Seiko divers. This model is inspired by Seiko’s first diver, the 62MAS released in 1965. It is powered by the 8L35 movement and is limited to 1700 pieces.

Below are my opinions.

1. Every aspect of this watch is well made as you would expect from a high end Seiko Prospex. Case is meticulously finished, the dial, hands and bezel are flawless as well.

2. The use of ever-brilliant steel makes it more corrosion resistant than normal steel and gives it a brighter look. I am guessing they did not apply hard coating to the case as the resulting dull look would defeat the purpose of the ever-brilliant steel.

3. The watch has a slim side profile which creates an illusion of a slim watch. However, the position of the crown seems to be slightly lower than desired. It is not vertically centered with reference to the side of the case. Refer to the picture below.

SLA043J1 featured in this post is provided by K2.

845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1.
Singapore 400845.
Tel: 6746 0270

Text and pictures by Yeoman
Thanks for viewing

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